Be Honest


Be Honest

Event Planning
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Be Honest is an annual student showcase for Portland State University’s Graphic Design program. For one night students get to display and interact with their work at Wieden+Kennedy, a local design agency in Portland, Or.

I worked in partnership with fellow student Catie Cooper to art direct, plan and organize the event. We had the opportunity to concept a theme, direct a photoshoot, copy write, develop a social media campaign and create content, design print collateral, event layout and event design of this years event over the span of five months. This years event was one of the largest drawing in 140 participants, and 1000+ attendees in the span of about four hours.


The Theme

Be Honest is all about bringing students into the view of Portland's creative community, giving them an opportunity to show off their skill set, and allowing them to discuss their work outside the classroom. But how do you get comfortable with the idea of talking about your work? How do you know when a project is done being reworked? What tools do you need to be not only a successful student, but a successful designer? This years theme worked to answer those questions: we created a survival guide. From Instagram posts, to decorations at the event. We constantly provided students participants with tips and tricks to make their design journey successful.