Gorge Performance


Gorge Performance

Visual Design

Gorge Performance is a local surf shop, in fact it’s one of the first in Portland. Their current brand is very corporate and “action sporty” I wanted to use vintage surf posters and imagery to create something that would better represent this classic, mom and pop shop.

Asset 7.png

The Brand

Gorge Performances current brand felt really action-sport-y and doesn’t showcase their personality. There’s a warm and caring atmosphere that is so prevalent when you visit in person. The shop itself is obviously beloved, and the staff are genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about all their products.

When approaching the branding it was important to me that the new mark, and any accompanying graphics, really evoke that atmosphere. The new mark works to not only showcase the emotion and feeling you get while shopping, but also to reference posters, movies, and other vintage imagery that is so prevalent in board culture.


Surfing the Web

The main goal with this web redesign was to simplify the user experience and reestablish the sites organization. Gorge Performance carries many different products besides boards, and their current site felt overwhelming to shop through. 

With my design I decided to organize firstly by sport. With a scroll based system, the user is naturally lead through the site, eventually landing on the product page. While minimal, the site allows for focus on the products and their features, an ideal I carried over from the experience of shopping in-store.