Plantz App 

UX Research
UI Design

Having indoor plants isn’t just a popular fad, it’s also been medically proven to improve your mental and physical state. However, anyone with a greenery graveyard knows that plant care isn’t always easy. The goal with this app was to create a platform that provides the user with transparent, easy-to-understand plant care. Plantz aims to set you up for success by providing watering reminders, how-to’s, and the ability to connect with friends; all in one place.


Research + Analysis

After coming up with the initial concept my group and I moved on to research. We started by gathering data from competing apps, websites and services. Additionally, we conducted a series of six user interviews, which allowed us to speak to a wide range of people. From there, we came to four main conclusions. 

We then moved on to develop a UX strategy. This strategy helped to inform us as we began developing user personas and journeys.  


The Design

Our design process started with a few rounds of moodboards, trying to really determine the overall aesthetic we wanted for the app. During this time we also did rounds of sketching that led to eventual wireframes, which we tweaked a few times before finally testing. 

For the testing wireframes we decided to conduct a paper prototype test. We conducted multiple tests where we had each user go through a series of possible journeys, trying to determine what was and wasn’t immediately obvious or working.  


Finishing Up

We took the feedback we got, iterated on our wireframes, and continued to test. From there we started applying the visual aesthetic we decided on — something that felt modern, but not too stark, which is why we chose an earthy color palette. Our end result was a prototyped app.