School of Living Arts


School of living arts

Visual Design


A yoga collective aiming to make yoga and meditation more readily available to a broader range of demographics. SOLA works to provide training to members of the community, making them competent and confident in working with a diverse array of people both in and outside a traditional studio environment. This yoga collective takes massive strides in working with both social and civic clients, giving them the opportunity to experience yoga and meditation in an a way that works for them. 


Visualizing the Goal

I wanted to focus primarily on the ideas of connection, community and balance. The logo encompasses these aspects with a simplified moon and sun. The interaction between the shapes of the moon and sun show connection, the circles surrounding the mark represent community, and a sense of balance comes from the contrast of the serif type with the simple imagery. This mark was applied to collateral such as business cards, additionally, a pattern was made using elements of the mark and can be used in a variety of ways.

Asset 4.png

Going Digital

With the site I wanted to emphasize the simplicity of the brand by creating something that would showcase what they have to offer in a clear and concise way. SOLA’s audience is quite varied, so building something that was easy to navigate, while still highlighting their key offerings, was a main goal in the building process.


Breaking it down

Taking a look at all of SOLA’s content I was able to break the site down into five key pages, all of which are easily accessible in the main navigation. I also took it a step further by building out content blocks for each page, giving the user a secondary way to navigate the site.


Going Further

By selecting an event from the homepage, or even the main navigation, the user will find themselves on the events page. Here monthly events are broken down and provides users the opportunity to sign up. From here the user can also access the class schedule page, where they can book classes other than workshops. A filtering system is located at the top of the page allowing users to sort by parameters, for instance, a specific location or instructor.